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To engage, to grow and to lead

The Kingsmen ministry is a platform for men to understand and apply the simple principle “to engage, to grow and to lead” in line with the umbrella vision of Kingsborough – a church with a purpose of giving meaning and adding values to lives.

The vision of

Kingsmen Ministry is to:


Kingsborough is a church with a purpose of giving reason and adding values to lives.

Our objective is to help men understand and apply each of these purposes from a man’s unique perspective and responsibility. Most men travel through life carefully projecting an image that says, ‘I’m okay.’ Privately, however, they are battling huge inner turmoil and conflict. Without healthy outlets and relationships to turn to, they are like that poor zebra isolated from the pack that soon becomes dinner for the prowling lion.

To build men of integrity who will be role models in their families,
churches and society at large, Kingsmen aim to:

Actively engage with men (within and outside the church) to relate freely, honestly, wholesomely with one another. We believe in the truth that men become men in the company of other good men. We will be ambitious and very deliberate in how we go about this.
Equip, empower, mentor and disciple men to reach their full potential in God
• Help men develop and grow in Christ-like character, and equip them for their place of service in the Kingdom of God and life purpose in the world, that God's name may be glorified.

Mode of Operation

Kingsmen is not just about creating a forum but a culture of men actively seeking God. Our meetings are geared towards helping to achieve this.

Some examples of our activities include:

Regular monthly meetings
Mentoring – professional and spiritual
Facilitate and encourage men in the church to get to know one another – interest groups to spur engagements and other developments.
Develop deep and lasting relationships with by actively reaching out to support and encourage each other