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Hindrances to Giving and Service

Memory Verse

“And it will be said: “Build up, build up, prepare the road! Remove the obstacles out of the way of my people.”. -NIV’.

  • Understanding the factors that can hinder Christians from giving and service
  • Equip believers to become effective in their service to God and humanity.
  • Help believers appreciate that giving and serving is Godly and is an essential part of our Christian experience
  • Expose the devices of the devil that has hindered Christians from effectively serving and giving cheerfully.

  • Can believers be hindered from giving and service?
  • What can cause hinderance to giving, and service?
  • How can one identify the hinderances to giving and service?
  • How can we avoid hinderance to giving and service?
  • How can we solve the problem of hinderance to giving and service?
  • Why is there hesitation among Christians to give cheerfully and serve genuinely?
  • Can our weakness and ignorance hinder us in our service and giving?
  • What is the role of priority setting in helping Christians live a life of giving and service?
  • Can selfishness be a hindrance to Christian service and giving
  • Can lack affection for the things of God be a hindrance to Christian service and giving
  • Can love for God and humanity help eradicate hinderances to service and giving?
  • When believers are not determined and fervent in prayer, they will lack the grace of giving and service (2 Corin 8:7)
  • Negative influence from friends and family could be a hinderance to giving and service (Pro 27:17, James 4:4)
  • When Christians hold dearly to heart the worldly/earthly treasure, they will find it difficult to release the heavenly treasure (Matt 6:19-21)
  • Another hinderance to giving and service is when we subconsciously place our hope in wealth like the unbelievers instead of God (1 Tim 6:17)
  • When Christians do not place high value on their stewardship, they will struggle in their giving and service (1 Chro 29:3)
  • Our ignorance of what giving, and service entail can be a great source of hindrance, our excuses no matter how genuine can be wrong, a perfect understanding and application of the scripture helps to eradicate hindrances (Matthew 22:29)
  • A recurring reason Christians giving by Christians in declining an opportunity to serve is the feeling of inadequacy and incompetence rather than relying on the grace of God (Exodus 4:10, Judges 6:15)
  • Christians must appreciate that the kingdom principle of accessing the promise is always through faith and patience. Let’s be patient for the reward (Heb 6:12)
  • The Christian walk with Christ is a walk of faith, we should replace logic with faith (Hab 2:4, Heb 10:38, Heb 11:6)
  • A major way of overcoming hindrances to service and giving is to set your priority right-, our heart I always aligned to our priorities/treasures (Matt 6:21)
  • Our mindset affects our service, a negative mindset will not make our service efficient, effective and kills passion. Be deliberate in your decision to serve him with your friends and families (Matthew 25:24—26)
  • Christians should constantly examine and reflect on their service (both God and humanity) and giving, any identified hindrances should be worked on prayerfully while trusting God for His grace to overcome,
  • Our ignorance can be a source of hindrance, reading of books and learning from the right people can help us better understand giving and service thereby opening us to a deeper dimension of kingdom service and giving.
  • Christians should understand that giving and service is not at all about being in the perfect financial situation of surplus, rather it is meant to be from a position of love and understanding (2 Corinthians 8:2-3)
  • Believers should endeavor to give priority to the work of the kingdom and ensure that the Lord’s work has priority in our giving and service
  • Christians should have the understanding that when seeds are  sown, the timing of the harvest is determined by God, we are sometimes encumbered with the thought of not receiving the rewards of our service and giving resulting frustration.
  • Our attitude and mindset towards service and giving must be aligned to Christ, while the encouragement of humans is helpful, we need to appreciate that our service and giving is unto God and He is a rewarder (2 Timothy 1:12)