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Our Core Value


What is not fun is not enjoyable, and what is not enjoyable is certainly not appealing. At Kingsborough, our everyday journey of faith is designed to be exciting and pleasurable. With more discoveries to be made on our faith journey, we seek further impetus regarding God’s will for our lives and how to live our lives as salt and light in the world, while we encourage others to follow and do the same. From our friendly team that welcomes you through the door, to the warm engaging fellowship with our congregation, you are set in the midst of an exciting joyful experience for everyday living.


Kingsborough upholds a value of inclusiveness and equal opportunity at all of our activities and service delivery points. Our diverse membership from different background, cultures and nations ensures that everyone feels at home and comfortable. Our diversity is an added strength that makes us accommodate many of our guests needs, when they visit. We aim to make your experience a thrilling and non-threatening, in order to end up in your returning again and again, until you join and become part of the family.


The pursuit of a kingdom lifestyle that mirror that of Jesus is our model to our members of the Kingsborough family. We present an effective, solid spiritual foundation base on the example of Christ and revealed through the teachings, study of the word of God and prayer.  Through this we are able to develop individuals and the church, with spiritual direction, encouragement, and upliftment. This is the true purpose of life and we aim to let that be evident in our lives.


We strive for an excellent church in our daily walk, rather than fix our mind to a destination of excellent. While we are not where we would like to be, we continue to work on our expression of excellence in our ministries, departments and mission. Excellence as a lifestyle is therefore our ultimate goal and when intertwined with related goals, it makes us better people, effective in our Christian faith.


This is the drive to serve the Lord with our lives without holding back. Passion is an important reason for flourishing, because one enjoys doing it and does not need to be prompted. Our passion for Jesus Christ and His Kingdom is the reason for the sacrifices we make to ensure that the work of God succeed in our hands.  This is our motivating factor for welcoming you and your family to Kingsborough. As you visit us, we hope you will discover your passion for Jesus Christ and desire to develop a closer walk with HIM day-by-day.