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Our People

The Board of Trustees

Kingsborough Centre is governed by a Memorandum and Articles of Association, administered by a board of trustees, ensuring that operations of the organisation are in line with relevant laws – company and charity law, governing its existence. Members of the board of trustees are elected at the Annual General Meeting and hold meetings frequently in their vital role of monitoring the operations of Kingsborough, The trustees are also supported by a team of Highly Professional Advisory Council from within and outside of the organisation, which are recalled into its meetings as required and needed. The day-to-day running of the office is placed in the hands of the Management Board who have been appointed by the trustees to oversee operations in their absence and take decisions regarding the daily running of the centre. The management board report to the board of Trustees at their meeting.

The Pastoral Council

Spiritual oversight and direction for the Kingsborough Church is provided by a core group of leaders – supported by the other leadership strands – They have submitted themselves in their service to the church, its congregation and its local community. These leaders have come from different walks of life, with highly skilled and professional background; including top management and public office holders with wealth of experience and proven track records.

Ministry Volunteers

The daily running of Kingsborough Church is to the credit of a selfless team of committed of about 60 volunteers who willingly give their time to ensure that Kingsborough ministry work is carried to fulfil the purpose of its existence. This team of volunteers, known as Team 300, run the various departments and ministries; the weekly services and facilitate the comfort of all guests to our services and events on Sundays, midweek and other time. We are especially proud of our excellent team of volunteers that runs our vibrant Children and youth church with dynamic curriculum that is set on the foundation of FICEP in an environment they describe as second to non for church.
The Pastors, Deacons, ministers, elders, and heads of various departments and ministries make up the leadership structure of the church and coordinate the activities of the members of Team 300.

A Diverse Membership Yet One Purpose

When one takes a snap view of London, one sees a multicultural society comprising a diverse people from different backgrounds. Such a society is welcoming to the nations of the world, and is one Kingsborough associates with. Kingsborough is a church where all nationalities to come to experience and share the joy and the wonderful love of God. It mirrors the cosmopolitan nature of its home city, London, with members of its congregation from at least twenty nationalities. Indeed this is “home” and Kingsborough hope to welcome you as we continue to grow and expand as a family believers reaching out to world for God.

Kingsborough Operations and Administrative Centre

The hub of operational and administrative activity at Kingsborough centre is the Church office. This comprises of a large number of staff, including administrative staff, volunteers, and staffs working in various Kingsborough initiatives and projects, such as the Coat of Many Colours nursery, and Hillingdon Food Bank, More Than Food Centre, Joint Effort Tuition and Family Support Centre. A collective team spirit, couple with an effective and efficient VALUE system (Fun, Inclusive, Spiritual, Excellence and Passion – FICEP), the hub of just over thirty people are dedicated to the achievement of the Kingsborough short term, medium term and long term objectives.