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Making Jesus Known through Signs and Wonders

Memory Verse

Yet I dare not boast about anything except what Christ has done through me, bringing the Gentiles to God by my message and by the way I worked among them. 19 They were convinced by the power of miraculous signs and wonders and by the power of God’s Spirit.[a] In this way, I have fully presented the Good News of Christ from Jerusalem all the way to Illyricum. -NLT

  • Help believers appreciate the urgency of making Jesus known.
  • Understanding the role and efficacy of signs and wonders in making Jesus known.
  • Understanding the need to covet the gift of signs and wonders for effective evangelism
  • Help us appreciate that love and compassion are prerequisites for making Jesus known through signs and wonders,
  • Warn believers of the trap of pride that can set in when Christians fail to give glory to God when He confirms His word through signs and wonders in our preaching

  • What is the purpose of signs and wonders?
  • How can we make Jesus known through signs and wonders?
  • Are signs and wonders still relevant in our day-to-day interaction or is it restricted to church?
  • Should making Jesus Known be  communicated through signs and wonders such as healing  and deliverance, just as much as good deeds and words?
  • Is God committed in confirming our effort of making Jesus known with signs and wonders?
  • What are typical examples of signs and wonders?
  • Can there be signs and wonders without emphasis on the person and work of the Holy Spirit?
  • Role of prayer/intercession and obedience to God?
  • Can God still use us to perform signs and wonders if the would-be beneficiaries do not have faith or believe?
  • Signs and wonders are relevant and needed in our days and time. (Mark 16:15-17, John 20:30-31 Acts 2:22)
  • The ministry of Jesus was characterised by sings and wonders (Luke 7: 21-22)
  • Jesus proclaimed at the start of His ministry that signs and wonders will be seen in His ministry and there are undeniable proofs (Luke 4:18-19, Mark 5:24-34)
  • The promise of Jesus is that the signs and wonders will follow us (Mark 16:15-18)
  • When there is a prove of the demonstration of the power of God, people are more likely to believe the message of Christ (Acts 3:13)
  • Signs and wonders will attract many to God just like it was in the days of Jesus (John 2:23)
  • Peter preached one sermon and 3,000 souls were won to Christ because his ministration was backed with signs and wonders (Act 2:14-41)
  • Jesus said we will do greater works than He did (John 14:12)
  • When the Jailer saw the signs and wonders God wrought through Paul and Silas, he quickly accepted Christ (Act 16:25-34)
  • God confirms His words with signs and wonders (Hebrews 2:3-4, Acts 4:28-29, Acts 4:13-14, 1 Peter 2:21 )
  • Signs and wonders are triggered when we are engaging the world with the word of God, we must activate it in faith by our utterances through speaking or laying of hands (Luke 4:40, Acts 9:17)
  • Covet the anointing and the gift of performing miracles (Acts 10:38, 1Cor 12:31)
  • Always pray for the leading of the Holy (John 4:4-20, Rom 8:14)
  • Love is key, if you are operating in the genuine love of God, you will see yourself going everywhere freely announcing the Kingdom of God with signs and wonders (Matt 10:5-8, Act 10:38)
  • Ensure that you do not ascribe any glory to yourself for all glory must return to God (Isaiah 42:8)
  • Be thankful to God for saving your soul and using you to save others
  • Let your passion for making Jesus known increase daily, study the word of God daily, pray without ceasing and maintain a good relationship with Him (2Tim 2:15, Joshua 1:8)
  • It is important we live a life of integrity and character and ensure our conduct attracts people to Christ and not deter people from accepting Christ. The vessel is important in the acceptance of the content.
  • Love and compassion are key requirements. Let our love, care and compassion be genuine and not a lip service.
  • It is possible to operate in signs and wonders, do not doubt God’s word, dismiss fear and doubt and remember that your responsibility is to say it and it is His responsibility to perform. .